Using a Cloud Service

このガイドは Rails Girlsワークショップのメインガイド の一部です。ガイドを続ける前に、番号順に進めているか確認してください。

Instead of installing Ruby on Rails and an editor on your computer, you can use a webservice for development. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. This guide explains how to get started with If you’re using a different service, they may use a different wording, but the process is usually pretty similar.

1. Create an account

Go to and sign up for free.

You will need to confirm your email and then fill in your details.

Log in screen

2. Create a Ruby on Rails Repl

The Ruby on Rails Repl has all the software we need for the workshop already preinstalled.

To create one, log into and click on ‘Create’.

Dashboard with the Create button pointed to by arrows

In the field under Template, type in rails.

Search dialog for Repl templates

  1. Select the Rails option from Templates.
  2. It generates a name for your Ruby on Rails app but you can change it in the Title field (maybe to “RailsGirls”).
  3. Click the + Create Repl button

Create the Rails Repl dialog

3. Coding with your project

  • On the left hand side, you find a file browser where you can navigate your directories and file.
  • In the middle, you find the editor where you can modify your files.
  • Click the Run bottom at the top to start up the freshly installed Ruby on Rails app.

Run button highlighted to start the Rails app

  • You’ll see a mini web browser to the top right showing you your fresh Rails app running the default homepage with the Rails logo.

Rails app running

  • At the bottom right, when you click the Shell button you’ll find the terminal where you can run commands.


4. Returning to your project

When you log out and log back in to, you can find your RailsGirls app in the middle of the dashboard. Just click it to go back into the project.

Dashboard showing button to return to Rails project

ガイドを進めていて行き詰まったときはコーチに助けてもらいましょう。また Ruby、Rails、コンソール、テキストエディタについての便利なチートシート も参考にしてみてください。